What we’ve been upto these past 6 months!

Written by on August 24, 2016

Given that our USP has always been about speed and the ability to scale easily to handle high-volume of conversations, for customer service and engagement on mobile, we’ve been real hard at work building must-have features that our customers specifically requested for and some features which you’d never even have realised you needed! Here’s a brief overview of all of them:


With IntelliAssign, we wanted to free up the supervisor (and thus, human error and bias) from the operational aspects of his/her job which include assigning tickets to the correct agents and teams based on their expertise, availability or productivity levels. Also, in smaller teams with lesser number of agents where agents tend to self-assign tickets, we saw that they tended to cherry-pick tickets which were of an easier nature to resolve and avoid complicated issues or particularly pissed off or rude end-users.

The obvious solution was to completely remove the human element from the equation and bring intelligent routing to the system itself. With IntelliAssign, the system now automatically assigns and distributes the load equally amongst agents based on their agent groups, availability and productivity levels ensuring that no one is overloaded and that the time to assign tickets is now virtually zero. You can read more on that here.

Labels for categorization:

We introduced Labels to help agents categorize and keep track of the issues which are reported by the customer. You can even create hierarchy levels for the Labels for detailed classification of all conversations. Read more on that here.

Chrome notifications to avoid missing conversations

Agents can now make sure they do not miss out on priority messages or conversations they have been assigned to, by keeping their desktop notifications turned on. Super awesome right? You can find more on that here.

Read receipts for easy coordination

Agents from the same group can now see who has seen a particular message and at what time, in the inbox. This makes coordination easy for both agents and admin. Also, agents can now also see if an end-user has seen the message or not. Read more on that here.

Quick View for easy access to pending unassigned conversations:

Agents can now easily access unassigned pending messages from the Quick View badge on the top right corner of the Hotline interface. Agents can operate from their “Assigned to me” tab, without having to alternate between multiple tabs, thus saving valuable time. More on that here.

Tags for Frequently Asked Questions

Tags help agents easily launch articles relating to FAQs without having to search for them every time a customer comes up with a query. Read more on that here.

Tags for multiple apps in Hotline Freshdesk Integration

Customers with multiple apps, who need to move to Hotline can now use tags to identify individual apps with the nifty Hotline-Freshdesk integration. Read more on that here.

We, at Hotline, believe that lightning quick customer support directly translates to higher customer happiness levels. And almost all our features and tweaks are aimed at making sure that we stay the fastest-in-class customer support product for mobile apps and mobile-first companies. It’s been a great six months for us as we’ve seen the results our customers have reaped out of using Hotline and as we’ve acquired more and more customers globally. We thank you for your continued love and support and here’s hoping for much more to come.

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