Must haves for a mobile app beta

Written by on March 15, 2016

This is to help new app developers make sure they do enough in their first version / beta / MVP, to validate what is working or what isn’t working with their app.

Here’s a short list of things we believe any app developer MUST add/build as part of their MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

  1. Analytics – You absolutely need to know how many people are using your app, coming back to use it daily, inviting their friends, using various features of your product, etc. to take any call on prioritizing or improving upon your product from the beta. Many products are doing a great job in this space.
  2. FTUE – It is now standard to provide a neat First-Time User Experience for any app. Don’t ask your user to flip through 6 slides (keep it to a max 3 if you have to) of images about your app – point to what they can do as they start using the app. You created the app and are familiar with it, but your users may not understand your icons, language, etc.
  3. Crash analysis – Make sure you start catching those bugs early. You want to know if your users are facing any problems with your app so you can fix them fast. Products like crashalytics or testflight make this very easy to do. No excuses for not doing this!
  4. Talking to users – You want to be able to tell your users about new changes to your app, converse with them to understand how they find the experience, reach out pro-actively to those who don’t seem to be using your app regularly, etc. Products like ourselves can help you add these capabilities to your product in a jiffy!

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