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Written by on February 16, 2017

News! We’re turning ONE this year!

From the time we launched Hotline in February last year, we’ve had a bunch of product updates go out and here’s a new set of updates we think you might find useful.

Measure customer happiness:
Customers are a business’ biggest asset and keeping them happy is your job. But keeping track of what your customer thinks / how they feel about the support that has been extended to them, is equally important. We’ve built Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) exactly for this. Read more here

Use Hotline to support your business via Facebook Messenger:
Does your business have a Facebook page? Or does it thrive entirely on Facebook? With our latest Facebook Messenger integration, Hotline acts as a full-fledged support portal for your business enquiries on Facebook Messenger with advanced features like IntelliAssign, Smart Plugs, Chrome Notifications and a host of other features that help you take care of incessant incoming messages on you Facebook Messenger inbox without having to increase your manpower.

Assign conversations based on agent’s Skill Levels:
Intelliassign automatically assigns and distributes the load equally amongst agents based on their agent groups, availability and productivity levels ensuring that no one is overloaded and that the time to assign tickets is now virtually zero. We’ve made a new addition to IntelliAssign, where you can now assign a specific number of conversations to an agent based on their ‘skill sets’. Read more about it here.

Use Dashboard to keep track of what agents are up to:
Dashboard displays the current status of metrics and performance of agents real-time, all on one screen. We’ve built a live dashboard to keep admins in the know of things such as:


  • The number of agents who are online
  • The number of agents who are active on IntelliAssign


  • How long has a conversation been unassigned for
  • The duration for which a conversation has not been replied to
  • The number of conversations that has been assigned

Speed of Response – This can be filtered according to time periods (within the day, the last 30 minutes, 60 minutes and so on)

  • First response
  • Response time
  • Resolution time

Tags for channels and FAQ categories: 
With tags, we wanted to make sure some sections of FAQs or certain channels aren’t visible to, or are visible only to specific users. You can use tags to do the following:

  • Filter and display relevant FAQ sections to users
  • Direct link to specific FAQ based on context
  • Filter and display specific channels

Learn more about tags, here

We, at Hotline, believe that lightning quick customer support directly translates to greater customer happiness levels. It’s been an amazing year for us as we’ve seen the results our customers have reaped out of using Hotline. We thank you for your continued love and support and here’s hoping you guys don’t stop loving us, ever.

PS: We’ve got some newer, news up our sleeves and here’s hoping you love that as well.

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