Ideas for conversations with your users

Written by on March 8, 2016

The internet/mobile products we use are all built iteratively, and continue to evolve and innovate – to defend their turf, and to provide better experiences to users. (Hint: see how Zomato is re-inventing itself after significant traction across the globe and a huge round of funding)

Any product team would know the benefit of being able to converse with users – for validation, prioritization, and inputs that feed back into the product development process.

So how can you expand the set of users of your app who want to engage with you to improve your product?

Personalizing the messaging to your users is the obvious easy route to engage users and get more reactions from them.

Mass personalization can be done by carefully segmenting users to send a message to, as well as picking the right time/event to message users (contextual).

Lets look at some ideas.

Segment, segment, and segment

1. Segment by city/country and appeal to the user

  1. “How can we make MyApp better for our UK users? Your inputs will help us serve you better!”

2. Segment by app usage

  1. 20 sessions: “As a regular user of MyApp, can you tell us the top 3 things you would like to change about MyApp to make it even better?”
  2. 10 sessions: “How can we make MyApp useful to you? Tell us and win prizes”
  3. 3 sessions: “What features do you expect in an app like MyApp?”

3. Segment by feature usage (or non usage)

  1. “How can we make the feature better?”
  2. “Try this experiment. How do you like this new feature?”
  3. “You can now try doing in MyApp from the menu. Do try it and share your experience with us!”

Context – Get them at the right time!

4. Message on user action

  1. Send a message upon a user action such as a purchase/transaction, on receipt of a service, etc
    “Thanks for riding with TaxiCompanyA. We hope your ride was great! Tell us about how we can improve our service.”
  2. “Congrats on finishing 10 levels in a day! Do you think we can make GameABC more exciting? We would love to hear your ideas!”
  3. “Thanks for buying from us. If you have any trouble with our product, please reach out to us.”
    “Looks like you are stuck?! How can we help you?”
  4. “You have more than 4 items in your shopping cart for 2 weeks now! If you are facing any trouble checking out, let us know how we can help.”

5. Message on public events relevant to user

  1. “Happy Holidays! Do your Christmas shopping now on ShoppingApp. Do reach out if you think we can do better!”

What do you do to involve more users in your product development? Share your ideas with us!

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