HyperTrack your orders in your Hotline portal

Written by on March 16, 2017

Hotline (a product by Freshdesk) is the leading in-app chat platform used by leading consumer apps like Zomato, Swiggy, HolaChef, Oyo, Practo, etc., to provide a seamless support experience in their consumer app.

On the other side of the app is a customer support agent who understands the situation of the customer and resolves their complaint in the shortest time possible. In today’s on-demand economy, mobile-first businesses will tell you that queries like “where is my order?” or “when will the driver reach my place?” may account for over 60% of their customer service issues.

Sounds like a simple question, but stumps the customer service agent. She has to scramble through different internal dashboards to first look for customer ID, then look for their most recent order ID, then call the operations team to find details of the driver delivering that order, then call up the driver to find the current location and ETA of the order (assuming the driver can pick up the call while driving), and then if all goes well get back to the customer (who by now has been waiting for a long time for an answer) with a rough answer.

As we spent more time with our customers, we found that quite a few of them had built out live location tracking in their product using HyperTrack. With HyperTrack, our customers had already built features like live tracking experience, real time ETAs and status, and delay alerts.

Today, we are glad to announce HyperTrack SmartPlug that would bring all of the above information within context to the customer support agents in the Hotline portal. Now as soon as a customer starts a chat, the support agent is able to see the latest order of that customer, name and phone number of the driver who is delivering the order, real time ETA, and a live tracking link that can be shared with the customer. All of that right in the chat interface. No more back and forth between different portals. No more calling up the operations center or the driver. Now your customer support agent can respond to the “where’s my order” query within seconds with a precise answer.

HyperTrack’s SmartPlug has helped us in reducing the response time for the order status queries significantly. The plug also provides a holistic view of the user’s current live/past order history.

– Rohan Agarwal, Product @ HolaChef

To enable the HyperTrack SmartPlug, all you need to do is add the following script in the SmartPlug section of your Hotline portal. Just open the Hotline portal, go to Settings, click on SmartPlugs, and then add a new SmartPlug with this script.


If shrinking time-frames of delivery and customer anxiety on location sounds typical of your business, give the product and integration a shot. In case you would like to try HyperTrack, all it would take is a few lines of codes (and couple of minutes) to put the HyperTrack SDK in your app and start seeing location of your users/drivers on a pretty dashboard. And in case you aren’t using Hotline already, check out our modern and seamless customer support experience for apps.

With the combination of Hotline and HyperTrack, we believe that you can bring down your customer service cost, improve the response time, and your CSAT scores. Please do feel free to send us feedback on how we can further improve this integration. You can reach out to the Hotline team at support@hotline.io and to HyperTrack at help@hypertrack.com.

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